The 3 P’s of a Successful Meeting

How many times have you been called to a meeting or held a meeting only to feel like this is time you have wasted? Unfortunately, this is the reality for many businesses.

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5 Ways to Deal with Negative People

Let’s face it – negative people are everywhere and unfortunately, we have to deal with them in a variety of settings. In business, negative people …

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7 Ways to Stay Positive as an Entrepreneur

There are so many challenges entrepreneurs face daily making it seem like owning your business is more of a grind than its worth. These issues …

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6 Reasons Why You Should Create a Positive Culture in the Workplace

It’s a cliché that no one likes going to work, but think about the different workplace environments you’ve been involved with. How many of them …

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10 Principles that will Help You Become a Top Sales Professional

The best sales professionals work in a variety of industries and all have different styles. Many things about sales are extremely different but what’s universal …

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6 Skills to Become an Influential Leader

Think about the best boss you ever worked for. What made this boss better than the others? How did they inspire you to do better …

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5 Ways to Give World-Class Customer Service

Have you ever had a waiter or waitress that seemed like they wanted to be anywhere but taking your order? What about when calling for …

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Kick in Your Faith

What is faith? You hear about it. You read about it. But what is it? One dictionary defines faith as “a confident belief in the

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Positive In! Positive Out!

Your life is not only a lifelong project—it’s a lifelong learning project. Approach it that way and you’ll always be developing better, smarter habits. The

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