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How to deal with Stress during Covid-19

You are dealing with stress during the COVID-19 outbreak. It is normal to feel sad, panic, stressed, confused, scared, or angry during a crisis. You can decrease the risk of spreading corona virus diseases through maintaining social distance. But social distancing and self-isolation create stress and will make you sad. The World Health Organization (WHO) says that the following people may respond more negatively to the stress due to this COVID-19.

  • Older people and people who have a weak immune system and have chronic diseases
  • Children and teens with a weak immune system
  • People who are helping COVID-19 patients, such as doctors, and medical helpers
  • People who have any mental health disorder

Fear about COVID-19 is stressful, and especially if you are living in such a crisis, then protecting yourself from stress is the first priority. 

Here are some recommendations which can lower your stress during COVID-19

  1. Exercise regularly:

In this corona virus disease, the gyms are closed, and the social distancing guidelines are also stringent, so you should make a daily exercise routine in your own home. You can do aerobic exercises such as walking and running your own house. Physical activities can release chemicals in your brain, like endorphins, which is great for your positive attitude. Exercise regularly makes you healthier and more energetic, and it will help you to reduce the risk of severe health diseases such as COVID-19. There are many other physical exercises which you can do in your own house to reduce stress.

  1. Maintain a healthy diet

If you are in a stressful condition, then it will directly affect your health, eating habits, and as well as your metabolism. If you want to fight against stress, then you must know what things create stress and how you can eliminate those things from your life. Maintaining a healthy diet is also useful in this crisis to reduce stress, so you should eat healthy and fresh food like fruits and vegetables because they provide proteins and vitamins. Fresh fruits and vegetables help you to become healthy, and it also helps to make your immune system stronger. Avoid tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs to deal with your emotions and stress.

  1. Communicate with others:

You can reduce your stress by communicating with your children, family members, and friends during COVID-19. If you are going to stay at home, then you should maintain social contacts with your loved ones, family members, and friends at home through email, phones, and video calls. You can also write letters to your friends because many people like reading letters. You should connect those people who are alone and regularly connected with your parents, grandparents, and your children. Communicating with your loved ones would help you to reduce stress in this challenging crisis.

  1. Understand it will pass.:

It will be more helpful for you to know about corona virus through news reports and social networks. You must keep in mind that this situation is not permanent and one day it will be gone. You must lower your level of stress and nervousness and try to reduce the time you and your family spend watching or listening to news from the media that causes them discomfort. Currently, many media are praising the news or some other political influence that makes an environment too harmful that generates stress and pain.

  1. Get proper sleep and rest:

Self-isolation also creates stress and discomfort for people, and in this ever-changing news environment, you might feel more stress. Due to this stress, you will not take enough sleep and rest, which will directly affect your health. In this COVID-19 outbreak, you must take proper sleep and rest to reduce depression and stress. You must keep in mind that you don’t use any alcohol, drug, or any nicotine while going to bed. But you must create a daily routine including your rest time, sleep time, bath time, and exercise time. Planning for a daily routine will also help you to reduce stress, depression, and panic in this problem.

If you feel overwhelmed by the coronavirus, speak to one of the health consultants in your city. Prepare a plan, gather the necessary information to attend to your physical and mental health doctor. Through consulting with doctors will help you to accurately determine your level of risk so that you can take reasonable precautions.

These are some ways that I use for myself also in my training programs and motivational speeches. I implemented all these tips and got positive feedback from our partners. You should also consider these tips in this situation and follow these recommendations so that you can deal with stress during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Ryan Lowe | Motivational Keynote Speaker | Author of Get off Your Attitude 

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