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Influential Leadership

Lead with Positive Principles that Drives Positive Performance

This highly engaging keynote inspires leaders to prepare their teams while learning to strive during competitive and uncertain times. Leaders are finding that managing and leading a workforce can have it’s challenges. Leaders are faced with many obstacles such as customer expectations, generational differences, competition, employee concerns, budget constraints, regulatory issues and doing more with less.

Ryan understands and attacks these challenges quite well. In his career he has serviced as Vice- President of Sales & Marketing for 2 major corporations. His keynote will share his experiences, stories and the principles that have helped leaders lead with a commanding presence within their organization.

Ryan will demonstrate techniques and principles that leaders that can use to transform and become effective in the workplace. Ryan will provide a strategy that will help them communicate, inspire, understand, listen, correct and connect with the people they lead. By adopting these positive habits it will help them evolve and adapt in an always changing leadership role. They will understand that their behavior and habits will influence the organizations culture, which will in turn influence their staff’s behavior. By implementing this culture of influential leadership, it will inspire their team member to provide world-class service, continuous improvement, increase productivity, have a positive attitude and take personal responsibility at work.

The audience will be fired up & focused. They’ll walk away with a better understanding on how to be an influential leader and will be ready to use the highly competitive skills they have learned to drive performance and become the leader that everyone wants to get behind, support and work hard for.

Learning Objectives

+ Understand the importance of positive mindset

+ Communicate and connect with goals and a vision

+ Discover the habits and traits of an influential leader

+ Learn proven leadership techniques that will drive performance

+ Adopt characteristics and behaviors that creates a positive team culture

Ryan Lowe, Motivational Keynote Speaker, TEDx Speaker, Sales Trainer, Leadership Trainer, Customer Service Trainer, Sales Coach, Leadership Coach, Author of Get off Your Attitude


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