Customer Service Training

World-Class Customer Service is an Attitude!

Developing a positive attitude and positive mindset are the keys to achieving customer service excellence.  Having that service excellence paves the way for bigger and better company successes, developing positive rapport, and overall building companies that attract customers and the money that comes with them.  Ryan teaches how everyone, from the newest hire to the CEO, can develop a positive change in mindset which will affect not only personal lives but the company’s bottom line.

Ryan realizes that a one size fits all program does not work for all companies. Your organization is unique, and so this information-packed customer service training program will be customized to fit your needs.    Is your company moving at the speed of light?

This program can be a 1 hour to 4 hour program that can be done in person or virtual training program. 

Program Overview

Have you ever noticed a decline in the area of customer service? Many organizations these days are just not focused on the most important area of any successful business. There are a good number of organizations are more focused on spending money to get new clients, but spend very little to keep the ones they already have. Organizations that are not constantly on the lookout for opportunities to improve their customer service, then their competition will find a way. The great tings is that the smart organizations have focused on their customer service skills and they understand that the customer service team is the face of the company, and the customer experience will be defined by the attitude, skill and quality of the service they receive.  These same organizations also understand that its not always about how great their product is, but by how the customers’ experience when purchasing their product.  The number one key question that they are always asking themselves is “What is world class customer service and how do we provide it?”

They will discover the advantages of having a “World Class” attitude and how to use it to their advantage.  Ryan will share principles from his popular and successful book entitled “Get off Your Attitude.” His positive & passionate presentation is one that the audience will be able to identify with and his simple strategy will be able to use immediately.

To provide world class customer service you must have a world class team with a world class attitude!

Following Up

Ryan wants to make sure that your team is successful with all of its efforts.  We will return for follow-ups, to make sure that your team has learned those valuable skills which will help them soar with the eagles.

Learning Objectives

+ Understand WHAT Customer Service is

+ Understand WHY excellent Customer Service is Important

+ Understand the IMPORTANCE of a Positive Attitude

+ Understand HOW to give Excellent Customer Service

+ Be EQUIPPED with Strategies to Protect you When Dealing with Challenging Customers

+ Understand how to be a GREAT Team Member

+ Develop and Understand the Skills to be an EFFECTIVE Communicator

+ Bring Your “A” Game everyday to give the AMAZING Customer Service Experience


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