Leadership Training

Influence Others with Positive Leadership Skills

Becoming a leader requires the skills to take all of the information available to you, synthesizing it, and using those techniques and methods to transform your staff into the best that they can be. This transformation within yourself begins with the foundation of a positive attitude. With that attitude, leaders can properly develop employees, improve overall engagement, and cultivate the trust necessary to have employees follow you everywhere.

In this influential leadership course, Ryan starts with the basics of developing a positive attitude to nurture employees. He shares personal stories about his journey from being a low-level junior salesman to being the VP of sales and marketing for two major corporations. He teaches innovative techniques for change, so the leaders within your organization can become change agents, rather than being the bastions of the status quo.

This 2 – 4 hour course is designed to bring you up to speed, equipping you with the tools you need to foster better relationships and nurture your workforce through positive attitude.

Learning Objectives

+ Discover the key components to success within any organization

+ Learn key factors in nurturing employee engagement

+ Develop attitude skills which can be used to lead properly

+ Nurture traits to become visionaries

+ Demolish barriers preventing organization transformation


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