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Custom Sales Training Programs for Employee Development

Looking for sales training and development opportunities for your organization? Ryan C. Lowe delivers customized sales training programs on a variety of sales topics to companies in a range of industries.

A Program Customized to Suit your Organizational Needs

Ryan will work with you every step of the way. He will help you select the appropriate topics, program length, and delivery model for your needs. He can deliver programs at your company or virtual online training.

When arranging custom sales training programs, he will be only able to work directly with the company or organization that will be sending employees to his program.

Ryan will customize a sales program that will help you and your organizations get the results you are looking for.

Quality Instruction

Ryan will be your personal sales trainer. He has been helping salespeople throughout the United States overachieve their goals and visions in their professional as well as personal lives. He is proud to have worked with such amazing groups, such as Brian Tracy Seminars, Brian Tracy Programs, American Sales Trainer Association, the Productivity People and Universal Seminars.

He has trained companies such as MetLife Mortgage, MetLife Financial Advisors, Keller Williams, ReMax, New York Life, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, Zimmer Spine Solutions & many more.

Companies look forward to having him speak to their sales team, because of an “Outside Authority”, he can reinforce key messages that the sales manager and team leader maybe trying to communicate and convey to the salespeople. After his training sessions they will be fired up, with a little more bounce in their step, as his Positive Attitude & enthusiasm is contagious. Be assured that he also will share proven techniques and strategies directly from his own experiences.

Having been in the trenches for many years as a sales person, vice- president of sales for 2 major corporations and his time traveling the country working with the various sales training organizations his message appeals to both the “green pea” and the “seasoned professional”.

Extraordinary Value

Ryan’s programs are competitively priced, enabling to bring high quality sales training and development to your organization and its staff.

After your team is finished Ryan’s training program they will walk away with a better understanding on how to be successful in sales.

Here is what they will learn:

  • How to join the top 10% of sales professionals.
  • How to become an expert and be the best sales professionals in their industry
  • How to create and operate with a more optimistic attitude.
  • How to communicate more effectively with team members and clients.
  • How to have a definite plan for success.
  • How to be more creative and how to think outside of the box.
  • How to be more aware of their time and how much it is worth.
  • How to “ASK” for the business.
  • How to listen and understand what is important to their clients.
  • How to get rid of the negative thoughts that cause fear.
  • How to keep fighting when they hit the sales “Wall”
  • How to use objections to their advantage to close more business.
  • How use the words “Thank You” to attract more customers.
  • How to connect with your clients instantaneously.
  • How to educate themselves and increase their income.
  • How to stay motivated when they want to give up or quit
  • How to get more business with the clients they already have.
  • & Much More….

Browse the list above and let us know what specific topics you would like Ryan to cover

Sales Topics

+ Goal Setting

+ Time management…how to get an extra two hours out of each work day

+ How to get your clients to insist on giving you referrals

+ Positioning against the competition

+ Appointment setting techniques

+ Developing mega credibility with prospects

+ Properly qualifying potential customers and uncovering their hidden needs

+ Presenting to customers emotions

+ Dealing with customer concerns

+ Asking for the order (closing)

+ Getting loyalty from clients…for life!

& Much More…

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